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Hi Y'all, as you can tell my site is changing and I'm stoked to soon have what I want to write on offer for sale through my site.

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Hi I'm Celestine and this is about me and my writing but they won't let me do or say all I want. Like I'm horny all the time and no I don't show my face. Because it's the good parts that count right? The parts I write about and my publisher even tries to 'tame' my imagination. So yeah here's my site, still working on it. I'm a sextherapist, which means people come to my practice and talk about sex, lack thereof, too much (???hn?), not getting off, too soon, the size of their dicks, tits, vaginas, etc. So I'm having a lot of fun and get even more horny as the day progresses. So my nipples get hard, my pussy gets wet, I have the hottest sex with one of my fuckbuddies. Or quickly finger myself to a climax during a break.

My clients write down their phantasies, I turn them into books and short stories and write my own and publish them through Smashwords. You'll find the link on nearly every page and I intend to add more stories and more interesting horny products to this page. Even start a blog about the freedom of sexual phantasies, writing about them and publishing/sharing them. I don't like censorship.

I'm a hot woman and I like hard cocks inside my vagina, there... Now live with it. So 'fundle' that pussy of mine there and get to my Smashwords profile and my horny stories, my interview and get turned on. And hey... don't forget to buy!

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